The Joy of Community

One of my favorite things about my generation (#MillennialsFTW) is our willingness to create our own families. I grew up with excellent Baby Boomer examples on this, however. While I was growing up, I was absolutely close with extended family members (my cousin Steph was a bridesmaid in my wedding). However, my parents had two… Read More The Joy of Community



So Friday, I had a major work event planned. I mean, it was going to be good. It’s a community relations meeting, at which I would hand out the grant checks to local charity organizations. We had decorated with lovely Christmas decorations like holly and black tablecloths and old Christmas music! It was December 8,… Read More Snow?


Weekend Plans: December

And just like that, November is almost gone. November has been a crazy, crazy month for us. I turned 30 (THIRTY! WHAT), we went to the Dominican Republic (re: turning 30), Josh’s mom came out for a visit, we met his dad and sister, and celebrated the second Thanksgiving in our house. Tomorrow brings December… Read More Weekend Plans: December


Happy Monday!

It’s Monday! The best day of the week! Not really. At least, not for me! Mondays are always my longest days with work and some standing meetings I have. But at least it’s a chance to catch up on my emails! Silver lining, right? 😉 Monday after Thanksgiving break is especially hard, since for the… Read More Happy Monday!