Hello 31

For my 31st birthday, I gave myself a gift. This gift was more than the number of other gifts I gave myself, because #TreatYoSelf2018 is alive and well. Beyond the other gifts like a really pretty dress and some flower earrings from Anthropologie that I loved, I gave myself some grace. I’m trying this new… Read More Hello 31


Reflection in 2018

This year, I said that I wanted my word of the year for 2018 to be FAMILY. And my oh my, did that bring up some interesting things for us! My husband went through a major family event in the past year, and it really brought a lot of new feelings to our lives. We’ve… Read More Reflection in 2018

LIFE, Thoughts

End of the Summer

So. I’ve been a terrible blogger. It’s been a crazy summer. When I look back at it, I have a hard time quantifying what I did. We worked a lot. I went back to Las Cruces in April, July and September: in April to see our goddaughter, in July to visit family, and then again… Read More End of the Summer


The Oscars

Tonight is the 90th Academy Awards (the Oscars) and I’m super excited! Josh and I have plans to make steak, crack open a bottle of wine and watch the shows for as long as we can stay awake (spoiler: I rarely make it through the end… whoops). Josh and I are BIG movie fans, so… Read More The Oscars


Words of the Year

2017 In 2017, I had a word of the year. That word was GO. I wanted to use that year to move out of my comfort zone and start moving. I wanted to say YES to exciting new opportunities, and go after new projects and training at work. I wanted to travel. I wanted to… Read More Words of the Year


January Goals

January is one of the toughest months for me to get behind. Starting in October, every month has something wonderful and exciting. October: Halloween November: My birthday and Thanksgiving December: Christmas and New Year’s Eve And then… January. And reality. And gyms and meal plans and budgets and all of the things that are the… Read More January Goals