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Spring Bucket List

Spring has FINALLY come to the south. I know I said that before, but I was tricked. We had what they call blackberry weather, when it warms up and then cools back down. We were in a freeze warning over this past weekend. Freeze! In April! In Georgia! A disgrace. Still, Josh and I braved… Read More Spring Bucket List


A Very Atlanta Christmas

Merry, Merry Christmas to you all! Josh’s family is here now, and we’re enjoying the time with new family. Wednesday, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend come out to Atlanta, and we’re excited to show them around! Now that we’ve been here for some time, we’ve been to several fun southern events, so I thought… Read More A Very Atlanta Christmas


Happy Monday!

It’s Monday! The best day of the week! Not really. At least, not for me! Mondays are always my longest days with work and some standing meetings I have. But at least it’s a chance to catch up on my emails! Silver lining, right? 😉 Monday after Thanksgiving break is especially hard, since for the… Read More Happy Monday!



So I guess this is the part where I say thank you for coming to my blog, and tell you a little bit about myself and what I’ll be posting about. Hi! Thank you for coming to my blog! I’m Jenna, and I live in a small town outside Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband Josh… Read More Hi!