About Me


Thank you for coming to my blog! I guess you probably want to know a little more about me since, you know, you came to my blog About Me page and all. 🙂

My name is Jenna, and I live in a small town outside Atlanta, Georgia, with my husband Josh, our daughter Ava and our dog Khaleesi, our coyote (I mean, Blue Heeler). If you know Game of Thrones, you already know we’re big fans. If you don’t, you’re probably wondering how to pronounce our dog’s name. It’s Ka-Lee-See.

I was born in the Southwest, and we moved to the Southeast in our 20’s for our jobs. I like to say that I’m New Mexican by birth, Georgian by career, Southern by heart. The south (both the southeast and the southwest) plays a huge part in our lives!

A few fun facts about me:
-I’m a communication manager for a Fortune 500 company, and I love my job. I work in manufacturing, which is super interesting and always busy!
-Ava was born in September 2019 and is the best ever.
-My husband and I met at a movie night hosted by mutual friends. Movies are a big part of our lives: Josh LOVES movies, so we see a lot of them and own even more!
-Our first pup Shadow passed away earlier in 2020 – Josh got me Shadow from a rescue shelter in New Mexico for my college graduation, and he was the best $50 we ever spent, not counting Khaleesi’s $75 rescue fee! 🙂
-I’m a big Baltimore Ravens fan, don’t @ me.
-As a native New Mexican, I LOVE hot food. We ship in green chile every year, and we add it to anything we can (pizza, soup, casseroles…).
-I’m an extroverted introvert. I love to meet new people and I can talk to almost anyone, but I really love my alone time as well.

Have any questions? Just ask!