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Goodbye, 2020

Historically, I’m a big fan of a new year. I love the feeling of a fresh start and a new year of opportunities. With the challenge of 2020 just slightly behind us, I’ve been thinking more and more about what I would write in a year-end wrap up post.

Last year, I wrote that 2020 was the start of something magical, and WOW, all I can say is “bless my heart”. January 2020 Jenna was so young, so na├»ve. So unaware that her entire life would change dramatically within a few months.

By March 15, my life would be so different. In January, I was figuring out the whole working-mom thing, and dealing with a 4 month old baby who was still nursing. By March, I was dealing with all of that (including nursing/pumping), while also dealing with a major situation at work, PLUS COVID-19. The day of our situation, I met with our lead team and said “It’s time to put together a plan for COVID-19”. Now, here we are.

But in the midst of COVID-19 and all of the challenges of work, I honestly think I was able to do what I wanted to do. My word of the year was PRESENT. And despite everything, I think I was. I was truly able to focus on the most important things: Ava, and Josh, and my own mental health. Josh and I spent hours watching a million movie marathons, and I read more than 52 books (which was my goal): some in the middle of the night while nursing Ava, and some in audiobook form while driving to work. I lost some of the baby weight, and learned how to cook new things. We did a few home improvement things (deck staining, a new brick mailbox). Mostly, we soaked in Ava: her first roll, her first crawl, her first food, her first steps, her first words. I feel like I am constantly filled to the brim with love and memories of that little baby, and I’m grateful for a year that gave us that chance.

2020 in Review

What happened this year?

GREAT Things:

  • We spent a lot of time together as a family
  • I read a ton of books
  • Ava started walking and now has four words, and understands dozens more (including easy two-step commands like “get that book and take it to dad”)
  • We hired a nanny, Ansley, who we LOVE and who Ava adores
  • We got a new puppy, Max, who LOVES AVA and reminds us so much of our sweet Shadow (RIP)
  • We got to visit a lake with our best friends and their amazing friends!
  • We got to spend time (safely) with family
  • We did more Zoom visits with loved ones than ever
  • I got a promotion to a new position, and it’s challenging but SO fun
  • Josh continues to work from home and he loves it
  • We both kept our jobs, and everyone stayed safe all year

Challenging Things:

  • COVID-19 (duh)
  • Event at work, March 14, and all of the hours of work after
  • No playdates for poor Ava, except with a few family members/pseudo-cousins
  • Crazy work for Josh (they are slammed with e-commerce)
  • We didn’t get to travel as much as we wanted, and only went home twice
  • Ava had to go to the ER for nursemaid’s elbow. Basically, we swung her by her little hands between us (as you do with kids), and something slid in her forearm, and had to be popped back in. NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN.


I’m honestly a little scared to write anything about 2021. I had high hopes for 2020, and whew, what a year. So for 2021, my word of the year will be GRATEFUL.

I’m constantly comparing my life and my situations to those around me, and truly, comparison is the thief of joy. I can fully embrace and know that Ava is on her own perfect path, and why wouldn’t that same idea extend to me? Why can’t I be on my own path, in growth, learning, joy, even how I spend my time. I just want to be grateful for the path I’m on, instead of looking at where I think I “should” be, and I want to be grateful for those who are around me on this journey. I’m blessed beyond measure for the people in my life – Josh and Ava, of course, but also my family, my best friends, even my coworkers – who are in my corner.

Grateful. And, when I get the vaccine, I’ll be especially grateful to the scientists who made it happen!

Happy 2021, everyone, and now, enjoy a year recap of photos!

2020 Photos

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