Happy Holidays!

I looked back through my posts for the year, and immediately felt a little deflated. Not only did I not post as often as I had planned, but my blog reflected the year of 2020. And what a year.

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There were some amazing things, but there were also some really rough things. Overall, I’m healthy, my family is healthy, Ava grew up strong and wonderful, and my job is great. I, like millions of others, suffer from anxiety, and this year was an interesting test of this mental stress for us all.

Still, I’m hopeful for 2021, and I’m doing my best to be present right now, not just hoping for 2020 to end. These next few days are my FAVORITE of the year: the holidays are here, Christmas is a few days away, work is slowing down (at least as much as it can when it comes to a 24/7 manufacturing operation – maybe I mean “extra work” is slowing down), and everyone seems so festive. People have been wearing fun sweaters and jewelry to work. My little town is decorated with wreaths and lights across everything. Also, most excitingly, our new neighbors across the street put together an AMAZING light display – the kind that requires you to turn your radio to a certain station to follow along. It sure keeps our bedroom bright at night, but we have blackout curtains, and it’s so worth it to have a front row seat to the show every night. It has definitely made our holidays very exciting (and also made us step up our light game a little).

I’m trying, like we all are, not to compare this year to our normal Christmas. Thanksgiving was an evening of just the three of us, and watching football and fall movies. Will Christmas be filled with all of our family members and loved ones and friends? Not this year. But that’s okay. We’ll see some family, and appreciate what we can do this year.

A big question I’m getting is… what is Ava getting for Christmas? And the answer is, honestly, SO MUCH. We’re so blessed to have such a village around us, and we have so many packages of books, clothes and toys for our little one. This is SUCH a fun stage: she loves the lights, and carrying around ornaments, and all of the fun, festive colors around. She’s a little young to understand Santa, but we’re going to make cookies with her anyway and let her open presents throughout the week so she has time to play with them all.

Overall, it’s holiday season no matter what pandemic is hitting us, and we’re going to enjoy it focusing on this tiny, adorable baby. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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