Previous Rules Don’t Apply

In 2013, the United States government shut down. As a government employee at that point in my career, I shut down with it. During that week when I was off, I spent my days alternatively stressing about the state of the government, and taking steps of “self care” in the form of reading a bunch of books and eating ice cream for breakfast.

When Josh walked in at 10:00 am and saw me with a bowl of strawberry ice cream in my lap, as I curled up to watch trashy reality television, he laughed and tilted his head. “Are you eating ice cream at 10 in the morning?” he asked.

“Government shutdown,” I said. “There are no rules.”

This year feels very much like 2013, but instead of a 17 day shutdown, it’s an eight month spiral of despair, fear and worry. While Josh and I are both SO lucky not to have to worry about our jobs, we are still in the fear of Ava getting sick (being so young and having no immune system), our jobs being EXTRA busy and demanding, and the general unrest of the year.

In that week of 2013, my anxiety was through the roof. Now, as COVID-19 rages on and the election season continues with final votes, I’m living my life like I did that week of 2013. Previous rules don’t apply. I’m eating ice cream for breakfast and watching my comfort shows and giving myself the grace and space to find comfort where I can.

I urge you to do the same.

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