Essential Privilege

Just wanted to check in with you all, as we navigate the global pandemic that is COVID-19 Coronavirus. I’m doing about as well as anyone… living in Georgia, our state has opened up VERY quickly (too quickly in my opinion), but I’m staying home anyway, so we just wait for everyone else to test the waters for us, if they so choose.

Still, I’m feeling super grateful for a lot of things as we go through COVID-19, so I want to write them down so I can look back and remember these feelings during the times when I am filled with anxiety and fear.

  • I am an essential worker, and so is Josh. We both work for companies that are part of the supply chain to get food, pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies, etc. safely to companies and to homes. As such, we are both busier than ever and still have our jobs.
  • Because we are essential workers, we were able to get an essential worker letter for our nanny. She’s super responsible and amazing, and when she goes home, she just social distances in her home, other than coming to our house. She truly is essential, because we could NOT have Ava without childcare and both still navigate our jobs, which again, are BUSIER than ever.
  • Ava is growing happily and steadily. She doesn’t understand what is happening at all. I wish so badly that we could take her out to restaurants and to the mall and to see new things and new people, but right now, she doesn’t even really care. She’s happy and safe at home, she goes on a couple of walks a day to see new trees and feel the breeze on her face, and she is so active that we all have a rotation of things to do to keep her occupied.
  • My friends and family are safe and healthy now. I’ve had a few friends who have contracted the virus but have all recovered now. Not knowing anyone who has passed is a privilege and I do not take it for granted.
  • Josh and I are both kind of expert social distancers. When the baby was born, we stayed home since we were heading into flu season. We watched a lot of movies and cooked together. Truly, we really enjoyed it. Now, we watch old football games and have movie marathons. On weekends, we each pick a new movie to watch/rent, and an old rewatch. We go on drives every Sunday. We order in food and use wipes on the packaging before we bring it in and eat. We’re cautious, but we are creating routines that make life enjoyable.
  • My friends are missing us too, and we host regular meetings and calls to talk and catch up.
  • We have technology. We both have jobs. We can order food. We have movies and games. Thanks to our families and friends, we were stocked on wipes and diapers and baby clothes. We have power and running water. We are living in an undeniable privilege, and I don’t feel like I’m being restricted at all. I feel lucky. I know many don’t have the luxury.

We are going to start venturing out to hang out with friends. My best friend is less than 45 minutes away and we haven’t seen her in almost two months, and I miss them. We’re going to meet at a park and stay kind of away, and just see the babies. I’m excited for more human interaction.

I hope everyone is safe and healthy. I know this is not something we should take for granted, and I don’t. <3 Have a safe month and let’s hope that we start to see improvements in the country’s trend this summer.

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