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Today on the blog, I’m going to write about the things I needed and loved for having a baby.

Disclaimer #1: EVERYONE has such a different list for these things, so these are just the things we loved.

Disclaimer #2: We had FOUR baby showers because we are truly surrounded by amazing, wonderful people in our village: my mom threw me one, Josh’s mom threw a couple’s shower, my work threw me one and then my best friends in Georgia threw me one. We also waited to have babies until we were older, so many people had been waiting a long time to get us something lol.

Disclaimer #3: Ava is a high maintenance baby. I’ll write more about that if someone wants, because I think it’s important that people have spaces on the internet where they can read about real babies, not the magic unicorn babies that sleep through the night on day 1 and never cry and are fine being put down. Ava has a strict “must be held at all times” rule, and can be the HAPPIEST baby, but is also high maintenance. We adore every part of her, but it’s true. Part of that means we used some things that other babies maybe don’t need, but were lifesavers for us.

General advice: stock up on things if you can. Thanks to our GENEROUS family, friends, coworkers and other, we didn’t have to buy diapers until she was five months. However, I realize this privilege in many ways: we were given these diapers and wipes, we have a place to store them, and we could have bought them if we had to. We were just really fortunate. However, if you have a place to store extra diapers and wipes, get them now.

But wait, Jenna, you may be thinking. Sometimes babies have sensitive skin and you don’t want to be stuck with diapers that irritate her little booty. YOU ARE RIGHT. So make sure you have a Target baby registry. Their registry rules are awesome. If someone gifts you one brand of diapers, just make sure those are on your registry and then take them in and return that box for store credit, so you can buy your preferred brand. Seriously. So worth it.

Our Must Have Baby List

Household Things

Beyond a crib and a rocking chair, which we recommend, these are some of the things we really love and use:

THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE THING I RECOMMEND TO PEOPLE. My best friend Ellie got it for me, and now I get it for most new moms I buy gifts for. This little $15 gift will keep your baby’s nails short. Note – baby nails grow freakishly fast. We call them Ava’s weapons, and when we trim them, we pretend she is stricken and saying “my weapons!!!”. Seriously. This trimmer helps avoid the eventual situation of clipping nails and nicking the skin and having the baby cry and blood start.

Diaper pail and inserts. So helpful.

Now, we did get this swing, and LOVED it for the first few months. Ava has a strict “must be held at all times” rule, remember, and this was the main way we knew how to eat or pee in those first few months. Disclaimer – the motor doesn’t work on it anymore, but it was golden for the first four months.

A Boppy. You might think I’m talking about the pillow, and yes, those are helpful. But we were also gifted a Boppy Baby Carrier, and it was the best of the carrier worlds. It’s stretchy with nice, snug wraps, but it also has a clip that connects at your lower back, so I never felt like it wasn’t secure. I used it to carry Ava home for Christmas, alone in the airport, and it was SO helpful.

We also had this gifted to us, and now it’s her favorite thing.

A few other things:

  1. A wipe warmer. Some people warned against it, but it kept Ava asleep at night during changes, and so I’m glad we had it.
  2. Waterproof diaper changing table pad liners. Ava loves to wait until we are changing her diaper and then pee, which inevitably goes all over her, her outfit and the changing pad cover. Those liners saved us from doing laundry on laundry on laundry.


Ava loves toys now that she’s in her sixth month, but around 3-4 months, she was starting to grab onto these types of ball toys.

She also LOVES books, so definitely a good thing to have! We have SO many, which is great.


I’m going to be 100% honest with you here. We have way more clothes than we can even dress her in. Also, since she was so tiny during the winter, we didn’t want to put her in a onesie, pants, a jacket and socks. That’s a lot of manhandling for a newborn, so she LIVED in zippered onesies for her first three months. I truly believe in them.

That said! Now that she’s older, onesies with knee high socks are my new favorite thing. Knee highs on babies are SO CUTE.

Okay, these are the things so far that we loved, but if I had to pick 1-3 things that we recommend, it would be:

  1. Nail grinder. Seriously.
  2. swing for infants, jumparoo for babies
  3. Zippered onesies for newborns

Hope this helps! Drop a comment if you want more baby-focused posts, and what you’d like to read!

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