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Six Months of Ava

2020, what the heck is going on.

I honestly don’t even know where to start. 2020 has been a hell of a year already, and we’re just 4 months in. Since 2020 began, I returned to work, had a significant VP visit to my site (which went really well), my facility then had a big incident (everyone’s okay), which means I have been focused on media response and other communication requirements, and now we are in the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic.


But most importantly, even while the world is crumbling around me, we have our little Ava. She is just wonderful. Since I went back to work, we had family in town watching her so we didn’t have to take her to daycare yet. I toured daycare after daycare, and I found several really good ones but availability is always an issue, and the closer we got to the end of our family care, the less prepared I was for her to go to daycare.

Instead, Josh and I interviewed six lovely women and found a nanny for our little Ava. We are both so lucky to have jobs that we love, and jobs that create this opportunity for us to be able to hire a nanny. Josh got a promotion and now works from home in our upstairs office while our nanny Ansley is here, and it’s been such a perfect situation.

Ansley has been with us for a month, and WHAT A MONTH THAT HAS BEEN. First of all, our beloved Shadow passed away. Then, the incident occurred at my work. Then, COVID-19 hit.

Since then, I’ve been working like crazy, and doing my best to balance motherhood and my career. Luckily, I have a really supportive company and boss, and so I feel like I have more good days than bad days in terms of balancing, but I still feel like I’m working so hard to be great at both, because I can’t let either side drop.

Six months with our sweet one! She cut her first tooth and had so many exciting moments. Here are some milestones for us to remember for her.

🍎Tried apple purée, sweet potato, blueberries and loved it
🍎started rolling very confidently, from tummy to back and vice versa
🍎Has learned to flirt
🍎Started teething and cut her first took 😛
🍎Love to drink from a water cup and yells at us if we don’t share
🍎Reach for things with both hands and her whole body
🍎Love love loves to chat and coo
🍎Still loves to dance
🍎Laughs and laughs and laughs at our antics
🍎Got a nanny to take care of her, who Ava LOVES (and we do too!)
🍎Tried butternut squash and was okay with it 😂 and gagged a little at blueberry at first (too tart)

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Overall, even with this crazy year, I’m so grateful to have our little one, and that we are all happy, healthy and working in a time when those aren’t guaranteed for anyone. We are doing our best to donate to the right causes, support local industries and support our areas as we go through this awful pandemic. Sending thoughts and prayers to everyone!

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