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New Experiences

What a month! Ava has had amazing new experiences this month as she prepares to turn five (FIVE!!!) months old. How did we ever get here? Earlier this year, I looked at my mom with a sudden start because I realized that we’ve only gone through the very, very, very early part of Ava’s (hopefully, God-willing) very long life. Like, we have SO MUCH ahead of us, despite having gone through what feels like so much.

Here are some of her new experiences and behaviors:

  1. She rolls over now. Not consistently, or with any regularity, but still, it has happened! My favorite time was once, when we were lying in bed, and she rolled on her side, grabbed me, and then used me to pull herself onto her belly. It was amazing and hilarious. #clevergirl
  2. She is consistently more and more vocal. She laughs a big, open-mouthed laugh, especially when we dance around in front of her or dance with her. She also is experimenting with new noises, such as growling, which is amazing and makes me so happy.
  3. Now that her vision is better and better, she is more entertained by people and things around her. She likes to watch other kids and other people, and love love loves colors (more about that below).
  4. She still loves to nurse, but has been doing this fun thing recently where she nurses, and then wrenches away to look around because she’s so curious about what’s going on around her, which is SO FUN because then I’m just sitting there, exposed… oh, babies.
  5. She is sleeping better and better, though still not sleeping through the night. I think a lot of people don’t have real understandings of how varying baby sleep schedules can be, because I have this conversation a million times:
    • “How’s Ava?” – innocent coworker
    • “She’s amazing!” – me, beaming
    • “Yay! Is she sleeping?” – innocent coworker
    • “Not at all!” – me, beaming
  6. She’s starting to have preferences between Josh and me. In the past, she saw us both as caregivers, so she was happy to go to either of us. Now, she prefers me for feeding (even the bottles, which she used to be fine with Josh giving her), when she’s upset, or when she’s ready for bed. She prefers Josh to play (she smiles more for him when it’s playtime).
  7. She’s so happy and so smiley, and loves to smile at us when she sees us in the mirror or when I’m first coming home, which is amazing.
  8. She tried cereal for the first time! She gets SO MAD at us when we eat and don’t share with her. She’ll reach out for our food, and try to intercept our food on the way to the mouth. According to our pediatrician, this is a sign that she’s at least interested in trying something, so we just made some baby rice cereal with some breastmilk and made it very runny, and then let her try it. She had the overall process down (opening her mouth for the spoon and tilting her head back), but had a hard time swallowing. We’ll keep trying sporadically.
  9. She also went to the aquarium for the first time! Our friends Macey and Isabel made plans to go to the Georgia Aquarium with their son Liam and invited us along, so we met them on Sunday for a nice visit. To be honest, I didn’t think that she would be super interested since she’s so little, but she LOVED THE COLORS. I now present to you – Ava at the Aquarium

Ava at the Aquarium

Adorable, right? She loved it! 🙂

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