34 Weeks and OMG

So I’m 34 weeks now and oh. My. Goodness.

How is this possible? It seriously feels like I’ve only been pregnant a few months, not EIGHT.

Full disclosure – I’ve had a great pregnancy. I was sick in the beginning, and I still struggle with wanting to do MORE than I currently can. I explain it to my male coworkers like this: imagine you used to work out all the time, like an hour of intense workout a day. And then you stop doing it for about six weeks. Then, you try to go back and work out at that same intensity again, and your body is like “funny bro” and then you feel sad because all you can think about is how much less you can do.

That’s later term pregnancy for me. My brain wants to keep doing all the things I want to do and have been able to do, but my body is like “yeah that’s not happening”. It’s hard because in general, I’ve been feeling really good. Like, pretty close to normal most of the day. So then I run around to meetings and continue with my projects (I’m working on some visual communication boards that I’m excited about, but take a lot more manual work than normal), and when I come home, I’m hurting, but I want to be able to make dinner and do something productive* afterward like laundry, etc.. My muscles are sore and so are my feet, and Josh is like “can you take it a little easier at work?” lol.

*ALSO NESTING. I’ve been nesting like a fiend. Sometimes I stop and look around at parts of our house, and Josh is like, “stop looking at that closet like that” because he knows I’m going to be like, “well, we should clean that out tonight.” We’ve already cleaned out/set up the nursery, rearranged my office to become an office/guest room, decorated that room, cleaned out our dresser, cleaned out our tupperware cabinet, two other cabinets, and half of our pantry, and I organized our front closet and the area above our washer/dryer. Up next on my list is the office closet, which, full disclosure again, is mostly my junk from my last several offices before moving to Georgia.

Okay, let’s get to the updates:

34 Week Updates

How big is the kit? She’s the size of an otter, which is SO WILD, but at the same time, makes so much sense. She’s always kicking around in there and I can feel her stretch out the length of my torso!

Total weight gain/loss? 25-ish? Honestly, hard for me to tell because I don’t weigh myself often. As long as my numbers are good and my doctor is happy, I’m happy.

Maternity clothes? I have maternity jeans now which are awesome, but otherwise, I just wear my normal tops… I just tend toward the more flowy tops!

Sleep? Sleep is so good. I keep anxiously awaiting the dreaded pregnancy insomnia, but so far, sleep is still the best. I sleep around 10+ hours on the weekend, and I wake up feeling almost sore from sleeping so hard. It’s amazing. I feel like I’m saving up for when the baby comes.

Best moment this week? Feeling the baby move so much! She’s been SO ACTIVE and it has been wonderful. I love feeling her move around. I also love feeling her do baby things like stretch or get the hiccups. SO cute.

Symptoms? I used to have heartburn like a mother (get it?), but so far it’s been almost back to normal and HOORAY! I’ve just been getting tired and my feet have been hurting, but overall, feeling really good.

Fun story – the other day, my back was hurting so I went home a little early, and my friends at work were like “I’m sad you feel bad but we also feel like you FINALLY are acting pregnant…!” lol!

Food cravings? Fruit! Watermelon! Ice cream! Pizza! Basically all the things I love, only I want them WAY more.

Food aversions? Still steak, unfortunately. BLAH

Gender? A sweet little girl!

Labor signs? NO, and hopefully not for another six weeks! I was talking with our facility Operations Manager about being only six weeks from my due date, and he was like, “you know, my brothers and I all came 4-6 weeks early.” I replied, “don’t even say that, Joe.” and he said, “it could be tonight!” and I was like, “DON’T EVEN JOKE!” I’m mostly ready, but we are NOT ready at work for me to be gone!

Belly button in or out? In!

What I miss? Wine. Summer cocktails.

What I’m looking forward to? Feeling her get bigger and bigger! I’m in the home stretch, but I still feel really good, so I’m hoping I can stay right here!

Milestones? 34 weeks!

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