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Baby Showers

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – one of the most beautiful things about being pregnant is the rise of the village around me, all the people who have reached out to say congratulations, sent gifts and good wishes, and expressed love already for us and our baby girl. Being emotional (as a person) and now pregnant, I am like, constantly crying over all the sweet love in our lives! I think this weekend will be no exception, as my mom and sister throw me the first of the baby showers that we will experience for this little love.

I’ll be flying home to New Mexico this Friday, and the shower is Saturday with the cutest bee theme (because I’m a Mommy to Bee). Then, Josh’s mom is throwing us a couple’s barbecue (I’m calling it a baby-que) over the Fourth of July. And here in Georgia, my lovely work friends are throwing me ANOTHER shower, which is just so sweet and appreciated.

But they all begin this week! I’m 25 weeks now, almost 26, and I can’t believe how much she’s moving around and making herself known, particularly when I fly. She also really likes music, and moves around if I’m dancing (just around the house being silly). I’m hoping she’ll be kicking around at the shower so my friends and family can feel her!

Going to New Mexico also means something else very, very special.

Mexican food.

All the Mexican food.

I’m SO excited. Let’s be honest, I’m always excited about New Mexican food, because it’s what I grew up with and obviously, something I miss very much. There are some good Mexican restaurants in Georgia, but there are a few problems (I might do a different blog post on this because people are always wanting me to try different Mexican places in Georgia and I keep trying to explain that there are SO many variations of Mexican food – it would be like someone saying “oh, try some American food”, which can vary from region to region!). The biggest problem is that I truly love NEW Mexican food. That means green chile, which is SO specific to southern NM, and so regional. Obviously, most Mexican food doesn’t include green chile, which only really grows in southern NM. So that’s what I’m looking forward to – the chile.

Things I’m NOT looking forward to? The heartburn. Because OH MAN pregnancy heartburn is such a thing. There’s an old wives’ tale about heartburn meaning a baby with lots of hair, which has apparently since been connected to some hormone (providing a science base for the old wives’ tale). If true for me, I’m going to have a nice, furry little baby. I had LOTS of hair as a baby, and so did Josh, so we were both expecting our baby to have a full head of hair (I had a bob by my first birthday). Anyway, EVERYTHING gives me heartburn. Water, pizza, fish… literally everything except ice cream or milk and some types of fruit. But Mexican food? Definitely.

Ah, pregnancy. So fun.*

So wish me luck as I take my FOURTH flight in five weeks, for the first of our lovely showers! <3

*It actually is pretty fun. I’ve been really lucky in my pregnancy!

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