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24 Weeks – all caught up!

So I think we’re all caught up! I’m 24 weeks, and writing this to be published tomorrow, instead of in weeks. That’s the best part of everyone knowing now – less to worry about accidentally revealing!

Okay so let’s get into it.

How big is the kit? The size of an eggplant, or a GI Joe doll (thanks, weird pregnancy apps!). She’s getting SO big! It’s crazy to think about, but I can feel her constantly. Fun story – we’ve been traveling a lot this summer so far. When we were going to New Jersey to visit Josh’s mom, the jets kicked on super loud and tiny girl KICKED so hard, like she jumped! It was so cute.

Total weight gain/loss? I’m up around 17 lbs, I think? I honestly have a hard time knowing because I don’t weigh myself a lot anymore. But my baby has popped out! I was walking down the hall the other day, and someone called after me (behind me), and when I turned she was like “WOW you don’t even look pregnant from behind until you turn around!” lol! This little bump is so sweet.

Maternity clothes? Kind of… I have an extender thing for my jean buttons, but they’re still my normal jeans. I have one maternity shirt, but otherwise I’m just wearing some of my more flowy tops. Also, dresses are the best.

Sleep? Sleep is so good.

Best moment this week? Feeling her move around so much! Oh my gosh it’s the best. She kicks Josh when he puts his hands on my stomach. She kicks me after I eat and when I first wake up and when I’m going to sleep. Also, I was dancing around in the living room to Help Me, Rhonda by the Beach Boys (long story, it was a joke with Josh who had never heard the song before because he apparently lived under a rock) and she loved it! She kicked around with me! She might be a dancer!

ALSO we’re putting together the nursery and OMG! It’s so fun! But! Also so real! And scary! There’s going to be a BABY in that room!!!

Symptoms? So. Let’s talk about heartburn. Allegedly, there’s a connection between the hormone that grows hair and heartburn (not just an old wives’ tale), and if that’s true? Oh man. She will have lots of hair. I have heartburn with so much food and even like, water. Whew.

Also, I had LOTS of hair when I was born, and so did Josh, so our genetics are against me in this situation.

Food cravings? Ah, remember the days when I just craved salad? HA. That’s mostly gone. I mean, I still love salad. But now my cravings are much more stereotypical – fried chicken, mac and cheese, chips… a lot of salty stuff. Also, still fruit. Mmmm. Nectarines and watermelon have been my jam.

Food aversions? Still steak, unfortunately. I went to dinner with some of my friends from work, and someone behind us ordered steak fajitas, and I was like “I have to leave.” Ugh.

Gender? A sweet little girl!

Labor signs? NO, and hopefully not for a VERY long time!

Belly button in or out? In!

What I miss? Wine. Summer cocktails.

What I’m looking forward to? Feeling her get bigger and bigger! This is actually a really sweet place to be in my pregnancy. I feel pregnant, but not in a bad way. I love feeling her move all the time. I’m not too big where I don’t fit into my clothes yet. I have second trimester energy. I’m totally good right here!

Milestones? 24 weeks!

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