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Fun Things People Have Said to Me About My Pregnancy

“You’re not going to name your baby a weird name, right?”

“You’re not going to name your baby a super basic name, are you?”

“You’ll be super hot this summer” (duh)

“My friend didn’t show until she was like 32 weeks pregnant…” (cool story bro)

“Are you having a ‘normal’ birth?” (no, it’s going to be a raptor so we’re hoping for a raptor birth)

“I can tell you’re carrying a girl because you’re gaining weight all over.” (THANKS SO MUCH THAT’S SO NICE OF YOU TO SAY ONLY NOT REALLY IT’S REALLY RUDE)

“Do you miss alcohol?”

“WOW you’re SO big!”

“Are you scared to push a baby out?” (duh)

“Was it a surprise?” (are you asking if my husband and I planned conception? Is that where we are in our friendship?)

“You’ve been bad/busy!” (gross)

“Can you eat that?” at something I was already eating. (Spoiler alert – if I’m eating it, turns out, I CAN eat it!)

“A girl? Is your husband sad?” (HA he wanted a girl more than I did)

“It’s about time!” (again, none of your business)

“I knew you could do it!” (EWWWWWW, btw)

In conclusion, being pregnant makes people feel like your body/situation is kind of open game. It’s like how being a celebrity makes you public domain in a way, and people can do/say what they want, except that it happens to many, many women and none of us want people commenting on our weight or sexual life. Normally I just smile and say something neutral, but I have hit two people with a “that’s a rude thing to say…”, so you’re welcome to future pregnant women in their lives… assuming that they listen and stop commenting on weird things that aren’t nice.

Overall, people have been SO nice and so kind, but seriously, one day I came home after someone made the rude ‘gaining weight all over’ comment and was like “this is why I waited to tell my work that I’m pregnant”. I waited until I was 18 almost 19 weeks (almost halfway through) before I told my work FOR THIS EXACT REASON. Ah, pregnancy joys.

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