Pregnancy Update – Week 16

In the past four weeks, we’ve told most of our close friends and family, and it’s been SO FUN but it also makes it SO REAL. In addition, I’m feeling SO MUCH BETTER. I can’t believe how much fun pregnancy is now that I’m out of the first trimester, and before I get into the heavy changes of the third trimester.

Fun story: my best friend that I work with was asking how far along I am, and I told her 16 weeks. She paused for a second and was like, “Four months, right? Are you going to be the person who talks only in weeks for your child’s entire life?” and I couldn’t stop laughing! She was teasing, of course, but it was so funny because I remember being on that side – trying to count in months or not really understanding the whole “week” thing for pregnancy. But now, that’s the whole conversation. Like, doctors and everyone speak in “weeks” instead of “months”.

I’m still not publishing this until later, but just keeping it as a draft until we’re ready for everyone to know! So here are my updates:

How far along? I’m 16 weeks now, and officially out of my first trimester! So far, it’s been great – I told my bosses and then some of my close friends from work (including my ops manager, who is one of my closest work partners), and everyone has been SO thrilled for us. We also told our family when we went to Dallas a few weeks ago, and then Josh’s extended family, too. It’s such a fun part of pregnancy!

Also, it’s been fun because I think so much of our family wondered if we would ever have kids. We’ve been actively trying NOT to have kids for most of our marriage, and we got pregnant pretty quickly after removing those barriers. But I think our families have been wondering for a long time when this baby would be coming!

How big is the kit? S/he is the size of an avocado, almost pomegranate this week! So big and so small!

Total weight gain/loss? I’m up maybe 7 lbs, but I don’t really track too much of it. My OB is happy with where I am, so, so am I!

Maternity clothes? Nope, just my normal clothes!

Sleep? The best thing ever.

Best moment this week? Telling our families and friends! Everyone is so excited for us, and so ready for this little one to come into our lives. I’ve been especially touched by my work friends – some of them have been really sweetly concerned about me, asking if I need anything and checking on me.

Symptoms? Almost nothing. For a while, second trimester was a little like the first- feeling sick off and on, and being very tired. Now I’m pretty tired, but overall, I feel GREAT. I forget I’m pregnant often!

Food cravings? Still salads and fruit, but also ice cream. For the first time in my pregnancy, I made Josh go get me ice cream later at night. I was lying down and all of the sudden, I was like, “I need ice cream.” Then, that’s all I could think about… lovely, delicious ice cream. I sat up and was like “I’m going to get ice cream……unless some really sweet husband wants to get one for me….”. I’m ashamed that I played that card, but I did. And Josh was very sweet and went to get me some. Now we have some stocked at home for those moments!

Food aversions? Still steak and olives.

Gender? Still a secret!!!

Labor signs? NO, and hopefully not for a VERY long time!

Belly button in or out? In!

What I miss? Beer, and wine, and cocktails. It must be a mental thing, because I’m not a big drinker in my normal life. But Josh got me some non-alcoholic beer, and it actually has helped me feel like I can be part of the party when we’re hanging out with friends.

What I’m looking forward to? Feeling the baby move and get BIGGER!

Milestones? Baby is getting bigger and bigger, and soon I’ll be almost halfway through!

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