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The Post I Love to Write

10 years together (this July).

6 years married (this June).

4 homes in 2 cities.

3 college degrees.

2 sweet puppies.

1 very, very exciting addition, due September 2019

Guess what?

This comes after 10 years of our families asking when we’d start trying to have babies, and 10 years of so many answers:

“After we get married…” (2013)

“After I finish my Master’s…” (2014-2016)

“After we get settled from moving to Georgia…” (2016)

“After we figure things out with Josh’s dad…” (2017-2018)

But this time, we have a much different answer.

“We’re pregnant!”

We think a lot of our family has thought we didn’t want kids or had other issues going on because we’ve been together so long without having babies, but the truth is that we just weren’t ready. And sure, you’re never REALLY ready, but for us, there was a “not ready” which turned to “READY” this past year. We got pregnant *very* quickly after we started trying, so this READY feeling better stick around! 🙂 I’m due in September, and we started telling people a while ago, but haven’t wanted to make it super public until now. We are over the moon excited, despite my first trimester morning sickness (though second trimester is the BEST) and strange food aversions (like steak? super weird).

We’ve been slowly telling our families and friends over the past few weeks, and I’ve been blown away by the love that my friends and family have shared. Of the people we’ve told, I would say a majority have cried with happiness upon hearing our news. Getting pregnant has been such an eye-opening experience, but one thing it showed me is just how blessed we are to have such a village of people around us. We have amazing family members, and we’ve made amazing friends in New Mexico and now in Georgia. We’re so happy to have these people around us as we bring our little baby into this world.

I’ll be using this blog as a space to continue writing about my life and the world I see around me, but obviously, I’ll also use this space to document my pregnancy and share updates on us and the little one, particularly for our family and friends who are spread out across the country. Thank you for all those who have already shared their love and excitement for us!

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