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So it doesn’t feel like too long ago when I was posting about my love for MoviePass*.


**I know it’s not dead yet, but I mean, come on.

And I did love it. I LOVED MoviePass. We saw a million movies that I wrote about HERE and it was totally worth it. We eventually cancelled, because we had to start evaluating what we wanted from our movie experience.

First, we still love movies. And going to movies. I have some friends who dislike the overall experience, but it’s something I actually really like. I like the dark, cool room. I like being immersed in the sound and visuals. I like the popcorn (always). I like the overall experience. So does Josh. So yes, going to the movies is key.

Second, we’re just outside of Atlanta, and that means we have access to a bunch of movie theaters, almost all of them AMC. There are some AMC theaters that have my favorite thing: the reclining seats. Is there anything better than curling up in a reclining seat, watching a movie with an alcoholic beverage, and being part of that experience? It’s amazing.

Third, I wanted ease. I wanted to know that we would be able to actually see every movie we wanted to see. A couple of times, we’d show up to a sold-out movie while we had MoviePass. It was always worth the risk when it was $10 for almost any movie, but the deeper I get into my 30s (oh man), the more I’m willing to pay for ease.

All of this leads me to our new obsession. AMC A-List. The AMC A list is similar to what MoviePass was, with some twists. We pay $21 a month to be on the A List, and for it, we can see up to 3 movies a week. These can be 3D, IMAX, whatever. We can reserve movie tickets online (including the reclining seats) with no online charge.

Now, it is much more expensive than MoviePass, at almost double the monthly price. Technically, you also can see fewer movies that MoviePass did in its prime (3 a week vs. 7 a week on MoviePass)… however, I can count on ONE HAND with fingers to spare the amount of times I actually saw more than 3 movies a week. That’s a lot of time at the movies anyway.

But OH MAN we love it. I know this probably sounds like an #ad, but I’m not getting paid at all by AMC (although if they wanted to sponsor my AMC A List subscription, I am here.for.it.). Seriously, we just really like it. We can book our movies online, we get points on our accounts that lead to free concession stand money, and we also get little gifts for our birthdays and everything.

For my birthday in November, we went to see Bohemian Rhapsody in the Dolby theater (the one with amazing sound). I also had a coupon for a free popcorn and free soda for my birthday. So a day that would have been about $18/ticket for the show, then $7 for the popcorn, and $4 for the soda, ended up being nothing. (Side note: I considered it nothing because I had already seen two movies that month, and after I’ve seen a couple movies for the $21 monthly fee, any other movie is free in my mind.)

I don’t often see three movies a week. In fact, I average about 3-4 movies a month. In January, I watched Bumblebee, Aquaman twice, Vice and Glass, so five movies, but I haven’t seen any in February yet due to travel for work, etc. Overall, it’s something I definitely recommend to movie-lovers, and also to movie-theater-lovers like me. 🙂

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