Movies of 2018

I wrote before that Josh and I have Movie Pass and it’s the best thing ever. It’s a set fee, and then you can see a movie a day. It’s super amazing and we use it constantly!

I’ve seen 18 movies since late last November, some more than once. Considering I had a significant work outage for 30+ days where I was working constantly, that’s pretty impressive! I thought I would just give an update on the movies I’ve seen this year, and give my rating of them. Please note I am NOT a movie expert. I love movies, but not like Josh does. I love the story and the experience of the movies and I LOVE going to the theater. I have friends who hate it (Kalisa…) but I like the experience, provided people around me aren’t too rude.

Anyway! Here’s my list of movies from this year so far:

I, Tonya: Technically a 2017 movie but I LOVED this one. I’m fascinated by the Tonya Harding story, and this one was well executed with great actors. 4.5/5 stars for me
The Post: A great story, but not a great movie. I’m a big fan of any journalism movie, but this one was just okay, despite a stellar cast and super interesting history. 3/5
Phantom Thread: CRAZY STORY, but really beautiful and nicely done. The visuals alone were worth it, and Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing. Great cast! 4/5
Black Panther: I’ve seen all the new Marvel movies, but this one was one of my favorites, especially of the stand-alone films. Loved it! 4/5
Red Sparrow: Super interesting thriller, and I love Jennifer Lawrence, but not a mind-blowing movie. I liked the main character’s chemistry with her coworkers, though! 3.5/4
Thoroughbreds: GREAT movie. We loved this one, particularly the psychology of it. The main women do a great job. 4/5
Game Night: Fun, but not that memorable! I forgot about this almost immediately but I laughed during it, so it was definitely worth a Movie Pass visit. 2.5/5
Love, Simon: LOVED IT. I’m a sucker for teen love movies, and this one totally killed it. This one gave me one of the most heart-warming movie moments in my life. 4.5/5
Pacific Rim: Also loved it. Weird note about me, I loved the first Pacific Rim. Like, it weirdly was one of my favorite action movies. I’m not even that into action films! But I liked the overall story, and I loved the action. The second one was SUPER FUN. I didn’t think I’d love it, but I did, and that’s what I care about. 4/5
Ready Player 1: Super fun! It was neat seeing fandom represented on the screen and the depth of the VR experience was fascinating to see on the screen. 3/5
Isle of Dogs: Really, really good movie. I know there’s some controversy about it, but I really liked it and I thought they did a nice job with the depth of the characters. 4/5

Have you seen any movies lately? Anything I should go see?

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