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Part of my job requires me to travel. I really love this part of my job, because I like seeing different work areas. Like I’ve said before, I work for a major manufacturing company, but each site feels like an entirely different company. Last year, I was able to visit a few different facilities, and each time was as fun as the last!

In my last job, I traveled very, very little, so traveling for work is a newer experience in my life. I’m writing this post because I read so many of them when I was getting ready to start traveling a lot! I hope it helps you like others have helped me. 🙂


1. Plan your carry-on. Really, learn how to pack. I carry-on almost everywhere I go, including Europe. My mother-in-law (who travels WAY more than I do, but lives by a different travel plan!) was shocked to see that Josh and I each had one carry-on for two weeks in Europe. We were able to do it by planning our color scheme (mine was black, gray, white, with pops of blue and red), booking AirBNBs with washers, packing laundry soap to wash our clothes halfway through, and being minimalist about our extras (# of shoes, jewelry, etc.). I live by this even now. I’ll be traveling for the next two weeks, but I fit everything into my suitcase.

2. Roll your clothes. Seriously, it makes all the difference.

3. Have two sets of items you need. I stand by this tip as the thing that has saved me. I have two curling irons, two phone chargers/cords, and a completely separate set of travel toiletries. These extra sets stay with my luggage/carry-on bag. I also keep my international plug in my luggage, since I don’t need it unless we’re traveling.

4. Find your tried and true shoulder bag. I have friends who carry their Louis Vuittons when traveling, but I love love love my Longchamp. Pink One Here. This is just a personal preference, but I think it’s comfortable and easy to wash when I’m traveling. This is where I keep my travel toiletries, travel curling iron and spare phone charger! I also usually just carry a small, cross-body bag when I travel, since it fits into my Longchamp easily and I can pull it out for a night out if needed.

5. Look up the weather before you leave. This may sound like “duh”, but seriously, it’s something I often used to forget. Knowing that it’ll be rainy or humid makes a big difference in my plan for my clothes, and like I already said, having a color scheme/plan for clothes is key!

6. Pick the right security line. My mother-in-law is amazing at this. Stay away from people with little kids or people wearing lots of clothes/layers. No offense to the families! I know traveling with kids is so tough, but if you’re cutting it close, picking a slow line will make you want to die. If possible, get TSA Pre-check. I swear by it, it makes the BIGGEST DIFFERENCE.

7. If you use your phone to check in, please please PLEASE take a photo of the check-in and save it onto your phone. If you have a work phone, send a copy of it to your personal phone or vice versa. I usually check in on my work phone, but I’ve seen people having trouble with their apps enough to know that a glitch can slow everything down.

8. Eat and drink right. It’s tempting to get a coffee (or for some, a drink) when you’re off the clock and flying. But for me, lots of water makes a flight go by better, and I feel better when I get out! I also try to stay away from airport food, and stick to healthier items. I fly out of Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson, and the food choices there are amazing.

9. Try audiobooks for your flight. I used to fly with paperback books all the time, but they’re too bulky for me now (#millennial) for a flight. I bring my iPad, but I’ve found that sitting back, listening to an audiobook, and closing my eyes helps me arrive at my destination fresh! If I can, I try to work during flights too. That definitely makes them go by!

10. Embrace the place. It’s super tempting to just eat whatever is close by or even in your hotel (guilty), but don’t! Some of my favorite work travel memories are eating out at new places, even if it’s just by myself on my first night there. I’m super lucky that my team is so fun and we love being together, so when we travel together, our nights become big, group, family dinners. But on the first night, I usually go out alone so I can catch up on emails or work so I can feel good about going into my next day.

That’s it for now! Wish me luck on my upcoming travel.

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