January Goals

January is one of the toughest months for me to get behind. Starting in October, every month has something wonderful and exciting.

October: Halloween
November: My birthday and Thanksgiving
December: Christmas and New Year’s Eve

And then… January. And reality. And gyms and meal plans and budgets and all of the things that are the opposite of December. And without the holidays to make it feel exciting and special, the cold just feels…


But I’m determined to really love it. As they say, the days are long but the years are short, and I’d stretch that to say that the MONTHS are short, too. Sometimes, it feels like we’ve been in Georgia much longer than we truly have, and sometimes it feels like it’s been flying by.

To help myself really love each month, I’m going to start doing goals here on the blog so I can stay accountable. January is almost done, so I’m going to do the thing I like to do at work where I write down the things I’ve already done and cross them off so my to-do list feels great, and I give myself credit for the things I have accomplished.

January Goals
1. Decorate the gray guest room
2. Write in the blog twice a week
3. Clean out my closet
4. Read four new books (50% complete: Little Fires Everywhere and A Man Called Ove)

My work has been incredibly busy, in a good way. When I started at this job a few years ago, I felt like I was on one of those rolling logs and I was basically getting rolled over and trying to keep my head above water, so to speak. Now, the log is still rolling at the same pace but I feel much more like I’m running along with it. By no means is it ever easy or even that calm, but I’ve got my rhythm and pace. That makes a huge difference! I used to work on a missile range, and I think of my job as a small missile launch every day. It’s very exciting!

Last night, I was introduced to the Chamber of Commerce as a member of the 2018-2020 Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce at the Annual Meeting. I’m honored to have this opportunity, but can I just say that it sounds so adult? When did I get here?

Anyway, enough for now. I’ll post again next week (and stick to the twice/week goal!). Happy Friday!

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