Family Visit, Round 2

Immediately after my husband’s family left, my family started preparing to come out to the South to see us! We had a few days in between visits: just enough time to get our housekeeper to come back (I CANNOT stress enough how much this eased my mind), wash the sheets, head to the grocery store and blow up the air mattress again!

But it was amazing to see them. We got to see Josh’s mom over Thanksgiving, but we didn’t get to see my family at all over the holidays, so I was definitely missing them.

Josh’s family stayed a little longer than we first thought, so Josh ran out of vacation time before my family could get here. 🙁 But I ended up having to work through some of the time when Josh’s family was here, due to a situation at work, so I was able to take an extra couple of days before the weekend when my family was here! We took advantage of our time, and went to the Georgia Aquarium, and it was incredible.

Seriously, a random Wednesday in January during the day is the BEST TIME to go to the aquarium! It was so unbelievably empty that I kept gushing at it. I kept saying “you have NO IDEA how long people wait to see this”. When Josh’s family was here, we waited for 45 minutes for the dolphin show, and we were PACKED in there. With my family, we literally walked in and had our pick of seats. Same for the sea lion show. Incredible.

We also took a quick trip to Savannah! We ate at the River House and had an amazing time. We were there really quickly, but it was definitely a wonderful opportunity to spend a lot of quality time together on the way there and back.

We truly love living in the south, and we love our town and our house and our friends and our life. But I miss my family every day, and having them around was truly wonderful. We’re counting down the days until we go back out to New Mexico in April, following my big work peak season!

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