Goodbye 2017, Welcome 2018!

I love a new year.

I’m one of those typical, cheesy people who really likes the New Year. It just represents so many wonderful things to me! It represents a fresh start and a whole year. It represents this idea of 365 opportunities.

I’m also the type to really love looking back at 2017. And 2017 was a year full of excitement, ups, downs, travel, great memories, and much more!

I really love my job. I’m a communications manager at a major company, and I learn something new every day about manufacturing. In my last job, I did safety communications, and I had my favorite duties: safety training, presentation building, executive communications, newsletters, etc. But I also had my not-so-great jobs in compliance and SOP building, etc. My current job is all of my favorite things, plus more. I truly love it. I also get to work with some wonderful people.

This year, I was voted to the Board of Directors for two organizations: my local Chamber of Commerce, and Communities in Schools, a literacy and education organization.

I also participated in and completed a leadership program, got a raise and won two awards as a strategic member of a company-wide team. I had a great year, and I’m honestly excited for 2018 for all kinds of exciting new things.

We killed it in 2017 with travel. We went all over the world.


Favorite part of Paris: seeing the sunset from the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Incredible. We drank a ton of rose in Paris, and ate all of the pastries. It was the best.

We also went to beautiful Roma! Rome was much busier than Paris (to us, at least) and much hotter, even in May. But it was still so incredible, and the food was amaaaaazing. We also found this incredible little place that had great food, and then the kitchen staff and waitress play live music at the end. Dancing with Josh in the street in Rome, surrounded by strangers, is one of my favorite memories.

We ended our European tour in Venice, which was so magical it’s hard to put into words. I think Venice is the kind of place that must be experienced. I had seen a million photos and videos and movies set in Venice, but it still took my breath away. Also, I had the best pasta marinara (with actual seafood) in the world. I still dream about it.

In July, I went to Chicago with my mom. I took her there to watch Hamilton, since we’re both obsessed with it, and we spent a weekend eating pizza, taking in the city, and experiencing the best musical I’ve ever seen!

In November, we celebrated my 30th birthday… in the Dominican Republic. It was so beautiful and incredible. We spent days on the beach, reading and heading into the ocean whenever we needed a break, and enjoyed beach-side service and lots of pina coladas.

We’re truly lucky to have the family we have. We spent a lot of time with our families this year. Not as much as other times, or as much as we would’ve liked, but still a significant amount of time traveling and visiting and hosting.

2017 was a wonderful year, and I’m excited for 2018!

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