Instant Pot Review

For Christmas, my Mother-In-Law (MIL) gifted me an Instant Pot. I also call it an Instapot because it sounds good, and it rolls off the tongue easier, so there you have it. The Instapot. And the hype! The other blog posts! The updates on Facebook and Instagram! The Instapot on Instagram. Did it live up… Read More Instant Pot Review


January Goals

January is one of the toughest months for me to get behind. Starting in October, every month has something wonderful and exciting. October: Halloween November: My birthday and Thanksgiving December: Christmas and New Year’s Eve And then… January. And reality. And gyms and meal plans and budgets and all of the things that are the… Read More January Goals


Family Visit, Round 2

Immediately after my husband’s family left, my family started preparing to come out to the South to see us! We had a few days in between visits: just enough time to get our housekeeper to come back (I CANNOT stress enough how much this eased my mind), wash the sheets, head to the grocery store… Read More Family Visit, Round 2


2018, Nice to See You

In what is probably the first time ever in my life, I’m already used to writing 2018 on all of my checks and emails. I’m working on a big presentation at work, and 2017 seems like so long ago, instead of just a few days. Maybe it’s because 2018 has already been a whirlwind! On… Read More 2018, Nice to See You