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The Good, the Bad, and the Blog

The older I get, the more I realize that most of my life lessons are just being re-learned in a new way as an adult.

Like, in my sorority (Pi Beta Phi), we used to do this thing called “Sunshines and Dark Clouds”. Basically, it was a chance for people to talk about the good things (Sunshines) and sad or bad thing (Dark Clouds). Now that I’m an adult, I’m going through Lean Six Sigma Deliberate Improvement training, and one of the ways we get feedback is to get “Plus/Delta” feedback. Basically, good things (Plus) and things that need improvement (Deltas). Ah, how things recycle themselves!

That’s a really long opening to basically say that I’m going to start doing Sunshines and Dark Clouds on this blog on Fridays.

Here we go!

-It’s Friday! That may be the first one every week, to be honest.
-I have a Christmas dinner with my work girlfriends this weekend and I’m excited.
-Josh and I are going to see two movies this weekend: The Shape of Water and Disaster Artist. I picked the first one!
-We’re decorating the rest of the house for Christmas and I’m so excited!
-I brought my speaker to work and I’m listening to Christmas music and it makes me so happy.
-One of my BFFs made me the most beautiful ornament through her shop Letters and Such. She’s a calligrapher and she’s so talented!
Letters and Such

-I’m very cold. The weather has changed in the South, and I’m suddenly missing the summer and the hot, humid heat, which means I MUST be crazy, because humidity is the worst. Side note: people act like “dry heat” doesn’t make it better, but IT ABSOLUTELY DOES. It was 108 degrees on our wedding day in Scottsdale, Arizona, but by our wedding time (7:30 PM), the temperature had dropped to 75 and it was lovely, especially out of the sun.
-Josh has been I know it’s their busy period, but I miss him.
-I need to clean our house and I don’t wanna.
-I’m missing my family more so during this time. Most of our friends and family are in Arizona/New Mexico. In the past couple of years, I went home during the fall, but this year, we went to the Dominican Republic with my parents instead. That was incredible, of course, but I’m missing my friends, my sister and my niece. My parents, sister, brother-in-law and their kiddos will be coming out to see us in January (SO EXCITED), but I won’t see my friends until we go home in April, which will have been a whole year. My best friend Ellie is out here (thankfully!), but two of my other best friends are at home in New Mexico, and I’ve been missing them so much!

Only one more day until I get out for the weekend! Wish me luck!

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