Weekend Plans: December

And just like that, November is almost gone.

November has been a crazy, crazy month for us. I turned 30 (THIRTY! WHAT), we went to the Dominican Republic (re: turning 30), Josh’s mom came out for a visit, we met his dad and sister, and celebrated the second Thanksgiving in our house. Tomorrow brings December to us!

We have some exciting stuff coming up, so I’m not that sad about heading into December! In fact, I’m ready. This is why:

-Tonight I have a bourbon and small plates tasting event with some of my work friends
-Tomorrow night we’re going to see a movie. I can’t recall which one right now, but Josh picked it and he is EXCITED. (Side note: we see so.many.movies that sometimes when we go, we’ll be watching the trailers and I’ll be like, “what are we seeing again?”. One time we were watching the trailers, and a trailer came on for the movie I THOUGHT we were seeing at that exact moment, and Josh had to explain the one we were actually seeing. It’s a thing). I’m going to try to make him take us to Parkway Point in Atlanta because they have the bar in the theater and reclining chairs, and really, what more could you want in a theater?
-Saturday night we are going to see THE HARRY POTTER SYMPHONY! I’m majorly excited about this. The Atlanta Symphony is going to play the score to Harry Potter while showing the movie, and I’m so stoked. I love Harry Potter.
-Sunday we’re watching football! The Ravens are in the hunt for the playoffs, and our defense is so good. Our offense, not so much, but we’re working on it.

I guess that’s it, but still, shaping up to be one of our best weekends this year! What about you? What are you doing this weekend?

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