Fall in the South

Fall in the south is the best. I’m just going to go ahead and say it.

I know there are some people who probably think that fall in the northeast is great, or maybe that the Pacific Northwest is the best. But no. You’re wrong.

I’m just kidding. Go ahead and love whatever area you love. But for me, I love fall in the south. I love the apple picking, I love living so close to Blue Ridge and the Smoky Mountains, I love the changing leaves, and most of all, I love that we hover in this beautiful 60-75 degree weather for so long. This week, the weather is in the mid-60’s and it’s the middle of November. It’s so wonderful.

One of the things I so love about the fall is the return of football. I’m a big Baltimore Ravens football fan (don’t @ me). But, living in Georgia, we have also adopted the Falcons as a secondary team. They’re similar teams, actually: both have (had) good defenses, both have game-manager QB’s with an arm, and both are named after birds. See? Very similar! 🙂

But we are still getting used to the other fall focus in the south: COLLEGE FOOTBALL. I went to Mizzou for my Master’s degree, so we root for them, if pressed. However, that means that we fall straight into the SEC with an outsider team. Everyone I work with follows one of three teams: Georgia, Auburn, or Alabama. And man, people get super into it.

We’re still working on college football, but I think we’ve settled into the rest of our autumn bucket list. The lovely Brittany Viklund (an acquaintance from college, when we were in Greek life together, who later did the most amazing illustration for Josh and me) created the coolest autumn list tool Autumn Bucket List and Josh and I have been working to check them off. So far, here’s what we’ve done:

-Harry Potter Marathon (because, duh)
-Make homemade soup (I made green chile chicken soup, which was super hot and wonderful)
-Read a fiction book (I just finished What Alice Forgot, and it was great! It reminds me of a Sophie Kinsella book, similar premise, but very good)
-Watch Hocus Pocus (heck yes! It’s my favorite Halloween movie)
-Volunteer (done! I volunteered at a food pantry and it was such a great experience)
-Wear plaid
-Light a fall candle
-Watch football (always)
-Make homemade popcorn

I love fall, but I’m also incredibly excited for winter. What about you? What have you done this fall, and what are you excited about for winter?

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