This Year

“What a year, right?” “Lemon, it’s February.” (10 points for anyone who recognizes the 30 Rock reference between Liz Lemon and her boss, Jack.) But for real. How is it only FEBRUARY. January has been the longest month of all time, and it’s already February 12. So it feels like a good time to think… Read More This Year


Chattanooga Charm

We’ve had a busy January, but we started it out just the right way. The evening of December 31, my sister had a baby: our second niece, Clara, and we are all so in love already. She’s super easy and sleepy, and has big beautiful blue eyes. So already, we knew 2019 would be a… Read More Chattanooga Charm



Okay, let’s do it. Let’s talk about the hard stuff. Life Changes. Job Changes. People Changes. Boss Changes. There have been some changes in my life, and I keep thinking about how much we, as humans, hate change. And we do! Anyone who says they love change is either a) a liar or b) a… Read More Ch-Ch-Changes


Welcome 2019!

Ah, a new year. A fresh start. A new me. I feel like that’s something that everyone says, but I just love the feeling of a new year. A new opportunity. A reset. For 2019, I’m not really looking for the whole “new me” thing. Instead, I’m focusing on expanding the parts of myself that… Read More Welcome 2019!


Month of Kindness

It’s December, which means it’s the month of my favorite holiday: Christmas! I know I’m not alone in loving Christmas. I love the cooler weather, I love the spirit of family, and I love the hustle and bustle of people as we get ready for holiday events. I’ve written about my reality lately, some big… Read More Month of Kindness


Hello 31

For my 31st birthday, I gave myself a gift. This gift was more than the number of other gifts I gave myself, because #TreatYoSelf2018 is alive and well. Beyond the other gifts like a really pretty dress and some flower earrings from Anthropologie that I loved, I gave myself some grace. I’m trying this new… Read More Hello 31