Baby Talk

Today on the blog, I’m going to write about the things I needed and loved for having a baby. Disclaimer #1: EVERYONE has such a different list for these things, so these are just the things we loved. Disclaimer #2: We had FOUR baby showers because we are truly surrounded by amazing, wonderful people in… Read More Baby Talk


Essential Privilege

Just wanted to check in with you all, as we navigate the global pandemic that is COVID-19 Coronavirus. I’m doing about as well as anyone… living in Georgia, our state has opened up VERY quickly (too quickly in my opinion), but I’m staying home anyway, so we just wait for everyone else to test the… Read More Essential Privilege


Returning to Work

Full disclosure. I started this draft in January, before COVID-19, before all of our worlds turned upside down, and before I started working from home more often. Being a working mom was something I was very scared to address. In fact, every time I thought about it, I was filled with anxiety. For my entire… Read More Returning to Work



We got Shadow in June of 2010, a graduation present from Josh after I got my bachelor’s in journalism from NMSU. We had been together almost a year, and I was about to move into my first apartment without any roommates (just Josh). We went to the shelter and there he was. He was a… Read More Shadow

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New Experiences

What a month! Ava has had amazing new experiences this month as she prepares to turn five (FIVE!!!) months old. How did we ever get here? Earlier this year, I looked at my mom with a sudden start because I realized that we’ve only gone through the very, very, very early part of Ava’s (hopefully,… Read More New Experiences


Four Months Out

My sweet Ava is now four months old, which is just WILD. I remember so vividly a year ago, thinking that I would have a four month old baby in January 2020, and how crazy that seemed even then. Now, it seems even stranger. How do I have a four month old? Ava is such… Read More Four Months Out


Goodbye, 2019!

Ah, a new day, a new month, a new year, a new decade. 2019 was a wonderful year but 2020 is the start of something magical, I can just feel it. I’ve said before that I’m a sucker for a fresh start and a new beginning, and a new year gives me that fresh look.… Read More Goodbye, 2019!

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The First Day

Today is my first day back to work after my maternity leave. I am so lucky to have the team and boss I have, and I was able to check in remotely for the last couple of weeks before coming back to work after the near year, which helped to ease the transition. I’m also… Read More The First Day